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Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone!

on June 10, 2010

I know, my last couple of posts aren’t really domestic goddess kind of things.  Well, I guess parenting kind of domestic come to think of it. So, last night, I’m working away here on my computer not really paying attention to what was on tv. I had been halfway watching a show on TLC, I can’t even remember which one and when it was over, I was engrossed in my writing and didn’t change the channel. The program that came on next is what’s so wrong. “Toddlers and Tiaras’. Have you ever seen it? If you haven’t,you’re not missing much, and if you watch it regularly, there is something seriously wrong with you!

That particular episode centered around three families who have children in pageants. All of them age 5 and under. None of them are what I’d call well off. They all live in dinky little apartments that are essentially decorated with trophies from these idiotic pageants.  Two of the mothers were seriously overweight, white-trash looking women, the other was sort of normal. The thing they all had in common is that they are teaching their children at very early impressionable ages that the only thing that matters is your physical appearance.  Don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against teaching children to be proud of who they are and to love and accept everyone, no matter what they look like. Self-confidence is a good thing to have. Shallow, materialistic, superficiality, not so much.

These children are being taught that the only thing that matters is winning these pageants and the trophies that come with them. One of the families was spending at least $10K a year on these pageants. And it’s not like they’re scholarship pageants that the older girls compete in. The prizes are trophies, tiaras and maybe a little money.

As parents, we have to be proud of our children and support them in their dreams and possibly guide them in other directions if their dreams are too far out of reach. I mean honestly, if your mom isn’t proud of you, who will be? However, these women are instilling the wrong values in these children. They think the only thing that matters is what you wear and what you look like. One of the little girls was getting a spray tan and wearing an $1100 dress! I mean really, what does that leave for her when she grows up? My wedding gown was beautiful but didn’t cost that much. they paid $350 for a custom made bikini. I am simply stupefied at what these people are teaching their children. how do you deprogram a child from this mindset?  I really feel like these parents are creating little monsters and when they grow up and hit the real world, they will be in for a real nasty surprise, that not everything we want is handed to us just because of what we look like. One mother said basically that looks matter more than anything else. I agree that what you look like can affect the opportunities we are given in life, but’s not the only thing that matters.  I thought  it was funny coming from ‘Trailer park Tonya’ , a woman who obviously feels like she’s not good enough and wants her child to be focused on the wrong things.

What’s more important than looks? How about integrity? Compassion? Intelligence? Dedication? Ingenuity?  Look at Bill Gates. he’s not much to look at, a stereotypical nerd, but what has he done? Nothing much, just revolutionized the world and amassed a fortune large enough to sustain several third world countries is all.

Please people, let’s instill values in our children that will help them grow as people, not be focused on something as fleeting as physical beauty. Remember, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone!

3 responses to “Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone!

  1. drmomx2 says:

    Oh, just so you know, I could only watch about 15 min of this inane excuse for a television show before my eyes glazed over and my brain went into ‘hibernate’ mode. I think I lost a few IQ points during that time. Really sad the things they put on television and call programming.

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    1domesticgoddess, you made a rockin’ point about the teaching of the issue of beauty is skin deep. Sadly, some parents just don’t seem have any sense at all when they choose to make their little girls parade around in a child beauty pageant. As a fellow blogger who happens to be against child beauty pageants (it’s all because of a tragic 1996 case that shook America and the world when I just turned 13), it is just sad that some parents just teach their daughters that looks are everything to get in life especially winning and getting what they want.

    But my questions are like this: Is physical beauty forever and if it’s gone when the girls are old, what are they going to do and what are their Plan B’s of the future? Can beauty really get them through life as adults alone? What a shame that those parents teach their girls the wrong values that would only set them up for disappointments and miseries that will wait for them. As grown-ups in society, I believe it is our duty to teach our kids that beauty is not just skin deep but they need to learn that they can and need to rely on brains, skills and positive moral values to get by in life rather than depending on looks alone.

    • Thanks! It is really sad and makes me sick and I totally agree, these parents are doing a real disservice to their children. How do these children view others who may not be perfectly beautiful? What would happen if, God forbid, one of them were to be in a disfiguring accident? I learned my lesson about making assumptions about someone based purely on appearances. I do my best every day to teach my children that physical beauty isn’t everything, and that people who may look diferent could be the nicest/smartest/funniest person they could ever hope to meet.

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks for stopping by!

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