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You have GOT to be kidding me!

on June 5, 2010

I’m really bummed right now. I wrote about our really fun vacation here . All day Thursday I felt hung over without the fun of actually enjoying adult beverages, just from pure lack of sleep. Running on 2 hrs and traveling for about 8 hours is tough on a person.

So, we get home, I unload all of our bags and start scaling Mt. Pile-o-dirties. Nine days worth of dirty clothes for 4 people gets pretty out of control. Mind you, the day after we got home, I was pretty much the walking dead. I had no energy and I don’t know that I had two brain cells firing at the same time for the majority of the day. Yesterday I woke up and felt pretty much back to normal.

that’s when i realized something was missing. I bought a new messenger bag with my favorite college logo on it (Oklahoma State) to carry at the park, it had lots of pockets for little things and we used it well during our entire trip. As we were packing the night before our departure, we decided to check all of our bags rather than have a carry-on bag. It seemed like a good idea. We were going to be at the airport at the butt crack of dawn, and on our way home, so if our luggage got lost, it was not going to be a complete disaster. My husband had been carrying the back pack at the parks b/c they were loaded with water and it’s pretty heavy, so he was the one who packed the bag in the suitcase. It was flat, so it made sense to just lay it on top of the clothes in the suitcase and zip it right up. I’d already done two or three loads of laundry when i realized my wonderful new messenger bag was missing. I asked my husband if he remembered what he’d done with it and he told me where he’d packed it. Hmmm. Well, all of the bags are now unloaded and it’s not here. Neither is my baseball cap that I’d taken with me. There were several other things in the backpack that I can’t remember. One thing I do remember is my son’s money. My children worked hard around our house to earn spending money for our trip. My boy had a difficult time deciding and was planning on buying a new Lego set when we got home and had about $25 to $30 left in the zipper pocket of the backpack.

I put a bag tag on the backpack before we left in the event that it was left behind somewhere, so I know it was marked. I phoned the hotel where we stayed and they had nothing from our room. I phoned the airline and left a message for their baggage service. It really bums me out. I have never had anything stolen from a suitcase while flying and it’s really disheartening. To think the people you trust to take care of your bags are stealing from you, is just sickening. I have seen things like this on the news before, but don’t know anyone who’s had it happen to them.

I’m very unhappy and disappointed, but really, whoever took that bag stole from my 9 year-old son. that backpack was going to be his for school next year and it was his money in the pocket. Who steals from 4th graders? I really hope I get some sort of resolution from the airline, but I’m not holding my breath. I will contact them again on Monday and I will send a letter to their corporate office. This is something they need to know about. They make a  big deal out of bags flying free, so they are responsible for keeping those bags safe. I understand sometimes accidents happen. I’ve had bags arrive torn, but not with contents missing. Urgh. Some stranger digging through my bags just makes me want to throw up. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

2 responses to “You have GOT to be kidding me!

  1. valcitygal says:

    I still can’t believe this unfortunate incident actually happened to you… That someone would go through your bags (which I suppose is somewhat expected) but for things to go missing?!?! Shocked… What is wrong with people nowadays…

    • drmomx2 says:

      I know, right? You expect something valuable to go missing. that’s why they tell people not to pack things like cameras and jewelry. But seriously. Just makes me ill. My son was very unhappy when i told him what had happened because it was his money and his backpack that was ripped off. Urgh.

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