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I haven’t fallen off the planet….yet!

on May 23, 2010

Well, life, as is normal around here, is crazy and hectic, hence no new posts in a while. It was the end of baseball season, tumbling, school, and just about everything else you can think of around here! Hubby has been working like a mad man, it’s just that time of year for him.

I guess I’ve been really domestic lately, if you call shuttling children to baseball practice, games, from school, and basically running hair on fire domestic! I’m really looking forward to summer! We are going to go swimming, bowling, movies, the aquarium, and hopefully more fun things! It has been so crazy around here, I’ve been relying on prepackaged food *GASP* because of our time issues. Hot dogs, frozen pizza, and canned ravioli unfortunately have become de rigeur at my house and I don’t like it! Soon, everything will settle down and I’ll be able to return to my normal Betty Crocker-like state!

Right now we are getting ready for a trip to Disneyworld! Yay! We are getting very excited to visit the mouse once again. our good friends and neighbors will be there for part of our trip so we’re hoping we can meet up with them for a Mickey  Bar or a Dole Whip. It will be loads of fun, I mean seriously, how can it not? Although, I do know people who complain just to complain. But my thought is if you’re at Disneyworld and you’re not having fun, it’s your damn fault!  Something that will be particularly exciting is my daughter. The last time we went, she didnt’ meet the height requirement for several rides and was unable to ride. this brought much anger and many tears. She was only 4 and promised she would hang on with all her might, alas, they would not bend the rules for her. Which I totally understood, but she could not. this time, she will be well over the height restriction for almost all of the rides. I think the only one is the speedway, where you drive the race cars on rails. She won’t be able to drive it herself b/c she can’t touch the pedals, but I’ll work the pedals and let her steer.

Oh, and my container garden, well, it’s not doing too well these days. My basil has died, the cilantro has gone to seed and the grape tomatoes are hanging in there. They have some fruit and I’m excited about it. One of the major branches got broken off during a wicked storm we had a few weeks ago, so I’ve got about half the plant left, but it seems to be doing well.

I’ll post info about our trip when we return. right now, I’m off to sit in the hairdryer hot winds and cheer offspring #1 in his last baseball game of the year. Go Yellowjackets!

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