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Humble Pie, anyone?

on May 6, 2010

You know, I thought I learned my lesson living in LA. Apparently I forgot those lessons. Why? You ask? Well, I realized yesterday that I had been doing something that I swore I never would do. I grew up around people who were highly judgemental of others. They felt that they were above everyone else because of clothing, employment, religious beliefs, etc. Things that are completely irrelevant in the real world, things that have nothing to do with the kind of person someone is. I always tried to not act that way, but when I moved to LA, I had no other frame of reference, so when I met people who were different in one way or another, I would distance myself from them, without taking the time to get to know the person. Then my friend Bob made me realize the error of my ways.

And then yesterday my epiphany: I had partially reverted to those old ways. I was not ‘friending’ people on Facebook because of silly things. People who I’d been friends with growing up, but had lost contact with. Stupid things, lame excuses and reasons. I had ignored several friend requests from one specific person. My thoughts were, oh well, we have nothing in common now, and looks like someone’s had a rough life.’ Like I said stupid things.  I heard Sandra Bullock’s Oscar speech and I keep playing that in my head. No class system, race, color, or religion makes one person any better than another. That is so true. I used to believe that, but was slapped in the face that I had fallen off the wagon, and I wasn’t happy with myself for it. I am not any better than anyone else. Well, maybe other than someone who’s a hardened criminal who commits violent crimes just because. Who am I to think that I’m any better than any of these people who want to be in contact with me again? Now dont’ get me wrong, I don’t accept friend requests from people I totally don’t know. Never will. but…You get where I”m going with this.

I lived in California and had my eyes opened to the bigger world, I’m not the tunnel-vision, hyper-critical, judgemental person that moved out there. And I promise you one thing, I will work my hardest to never be that way again. Any time I catch myself with a nasty thought about how someone looks, I reverse it and remember who I sound like as I think it. The person I don’t want to sound or be like. And remember that someone else may be thinking the same thing about me!

Let’s all try to be more accepting of others, not make snap decisions about them based solely on their wardrobe, skin color, or religion. We all make bad wardrobe choices occasionally. Skin color, well, we can’t do much about that one, it’s how God made us, the colors of the rainbow. Religion, my thought about that is, I think they are basically all different means to the same end. Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone anyone who uses their religion to commit violent crime against humanity. but to use religion to discriminate or ridicule or persecute others, not acceptable.

Ok, off my soapbox. I’m finished with my humble pie. Anyone else want a slice?

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