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Confidence destroyer

on April 28, 2010

Ugh. You know, there is something as bad as, or worse than, trying on swimsuits: Trying on shorts. I am completely bummed out after my excursions over the past couple of days. We are taking vacation soon and I wanted to find some new shorts. Not short shorts, I haven’t worn anything close to being ‘short’ shorts since I was in high school. But rather, mid-thigh, Bermuda length type shorts. I spent 30 minutes at a Kohl’s store trying on about 10 pair and only had success with two.

You see, I have a problem. It’s a difficult problem to be sure, but I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one with it and I think if we unite, we could come up with a solution and make our own line of clothes. It affects my jeans and my shorts. I apparently have a size 10 butt and a size 8 waist which leads to …..duh duh duhhhhhh gapping at the waist that is sometimes insane! We need to tell them that not all women are straight up and down! Oh, and those lights and mirrors, gag. I know they think they’re being helpful, but, well, any lights that give my skin a lovely green hue, I hate to say, those aren’t going to help them sell clothing!

In my vain attempts to find shorts, I inadvertently grabbed the wrong size a couple of times. You know how it goes, you see the one you want and you take your eyes off it for just a sec and grab the wrong size and don’t realize until you get into the dressing room. what I tried on ranged from size 6 (i know, they fit, but were a bit snug and really unattractive) to size 12 (EGADS! which fit in the butt, but I could’ve put another person in with me as far as the waist goes). Talk about discouraging.  And the whole inconsistency in sizing is part of it. How else could I explain my ability to fit into a size 6 from one brand, and yet not an 8 in another, and fit all but the waist in yet another. Talk about confusing.

 And the other part of it that is really discouraging, I have been exercising like mad for the past month. By mad I mean walking 2.3 miles three times a week in addition to working my arms and doing squats when I get home, and using my elliptical the other days. I have been eating less of the refined foods, sugar, and gasp, wine. I have been limiting my wine to the weekends in an effort to have more success with my goal of ridding myself of hail-damage. And then I have experiences like I did this week. That is quite enough to make me dive for the closest bucket of ice cream! Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you look at it, rather than eating my weight in Oreo’s or ice cream, i had a glass of wine instead. Now I guess I have to rethink my whole exercise thing and see what I need to do to have more success because what I”m doing, well, it’s obviously not doing anything.

Anyone with suggestions, please do chime in. Or experiences like mine, we can commiserate!

2 responses to “Confidence destroyer

  1. valcitygal says:

    I have a tip for the shorts (or any bottom garment for that matter) – you have to fit the largest part of you, then take the other part om. For most people, the largest part is usually the hips and invariably, the waist is too big – so you just take it in. It’s like a $5 alteration ($10 max) and you end up with something that fits everywhere! When shopping, just take into account the cost of the alteration – say a pair of shorts is $20. If the alteration cost in your area is $5, just assume that the shorts are $25 total cost to determine if they’re still worth the price. $5-$10 is usually worth it if you end up with something that fits and you’ll wear often.

    Also – drawstring waists are very friendly. 🙂 Love them on my sweats or yoga pants (I love calling them yoga pants, especially since I don’t do yoga but doesn’t it sound fashionable? haha).

    And kudos on all the exericse!! You go girl!

    • drmomx2 says:

      You know that’s a great idea. I have never had anything tailored and envisioned $15 or $20 to have them taken in. I hate that there’s no consistency in sizing, it really makes me crazy. Especially when you’re one size on bottom and a different size on top! I have to buy the mix and match swim suits b/c of that. Oh well, I’ll live, right? I will check out the tailoring though.

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