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A conversation with a brick wall

on April 14, 2010

AAAAAGH!!! That was how I felt yesterday when I got off the phone. I had to make an appointment for my daughter and myself to get our haircut. I called the salon and you can read the conversation below. I’ll abbreviate with “M” for me and “D” for ding dong

D: Hideaway salon, how may I help you?

M: I need to make an appointment for my daughter and myself.

D: When would you like to come in?

M: My daughter is in elementary school, so after school Thursday or Friday.

D: How about noon on Thursday?

M: My daughter is in elementary school and gets out at 3:30, do you have 3:45?

D: How about 3:30 Thursday?

M: She doesn’t get out until 3:30, what about 3:45 or 4:00?

D: She has a color until 3, can you come in at 3?

at this point I”m ready to rip my hair out or bang my head on the wall, or maybe even both. I begin speaking very slowly, as if I”m talking to someone who doesn’t speak English very well, using small words and enunciating as clearly as I can, so she can understand what I”m saying. And let me say, she wasn’t foreign, her first language is English.

M: (very slowly) my…daughter…is…in…elementary…school….she…doesn’t…get…out…until…3:30…do…you……appointment…at…3:45?

I literally hear the light bulb click on over her poor overtaxed little  pea brain.

D: Oh, how about 3:45 on Friday?

FINALLY success!

M: 3:45 on Friday will be just great.

I hang up the phone and scream in frustration. I feel like I lost IQ points after that call. It always amazes me what people can do and still keep a paying job.

2 responses to “A conversation with a brick wall

  1. valcitygal says:

    PFFFFFFTTTTT OMG I was laughing out loud when reading this. Nice touch on Ding Dong. Sets the perfect tone right at the start. 🙂 I totally agree – who *are* these people and how do they still have a job…?

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