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I forgot to eat!

on March 16, 2010

Just kidding. That’s something I’ve always wanted to say. Doesn’t it make you insane when people say that?  There have been times it has been true for me, like when I’m recovering from the infamous puke and duke bug. But on a normal day, I don’t forget something like that for very long. sometimes I may eat a meal later than normal, but not skip it altogether. I may forget my phone number, my address,  my anniversary or my children’s birthdays, but I NEVER EVER forget to eat! And, well, it shows. My joke forever has been that I would be a terrible anorexic because I love food too much.

Seriously, what I forgot to eat yesterday was meat. It was completely unintentional and I didn’t realize it until I was ready to go to bed last night. I started thinking about what I ate: 2 omelets to go (one of my creations, made in a muffin pan) and a banana for breakfast, veggie burger for lunch, trail mix for a late afternoon snack, grapes and cheese for dinner. I don’t normally eat grapes and cheese for dinner, but I was solo, my husband is out of town on business and my children are at my mother’s house, so I was completely free to do what I wanted to do yesterday. It was lovely, but odd that I forgot to eat meat. I’m sure it was partially because I didn’t have to cook, but it was really nice. I felt pretty good when I went to bed, not sluggish at all. That’s not to say I’m going to become a vegetarian, I enjoy my beef, chicken and pork too much for that, but a meatless day every now and then won’t hurt at all! There are several meatless pasta dishes that I make for my family and they love it. Maybe I’ll try to do it more often.

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