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What are you waiting for??

on March 2, 2010

I’ve written about how I like to take chances in the kitchen and make new recipes. It’s almost become a hobby, finding new recipes that my family will like. My children are especially difficult, as children can be. What one likes, the other doesn’t. Or, if I’m really lucky neither of them will want it, or even be willing to try it. Sometimes I feel like I”m cooking for the character in ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, you know, ‘I do not like them Sam-I-am”. Doesn’t matter what it looks like, many times I can’t even get them to take the first bite.

I was in the grocery last week and saw the fresh mushrooms and a thought struck. There is something I’ve been wanting to make, but just haven’t yet. Chicken Marsala. I’ve had it many times at Italian restaurants and thought I might be able to make it for myself. So, I bought those beautiful mushrooms and a bottle of Marsala cooking wine and when I got home, I looked up a recipe online.

I followed the recipe, and actually did it right this time, no screw ups. And OMG! It was so good! The only difference is I had some flour leftover from the chicken-coating step, rather than throwing it out, I should’ve kept it and used it to make more sauce. It was really good over angel hair pasta. MMMMM Yes, I will make that one again. My children even ate it. Although, I made sure there were no mushrooms on my son’s plate.

So, what I”m saying to you is the next time you go to a restaurant and have something you like, why not try to recreate it at home? There are a plethora of recipe websites online, take your pick and you’ll probably find one that will work for you. If you find one that calls for things you don’t like, just look on another website.  My next question is, what are you waiting for?

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