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Cheerios: Not just for breakfast!

on February 21, 2010

Ok, I must admit, i love Cheerios. I always have, but having children has given me an excuse to constantly have a box in my pantry. darn. I love to have a bowl for a snack, or even just munch on them dry. When my son was a baby, we rediscovered our love of the oatey little o’s. I mean really, how cute is it when you’ve got a cute, chubby, toothless grin with a cheerio stuck to his cheek? Love it. Our old dog used to lay on the floor under my boy’s high chair just waiting for the hailstorm of free food. His name was Jack, but his nickname was “Jack the Vac” because he basically cleaned up after us!By the time my son was a year old, dear Jack’d had enough of my favorite cereal and wouldn’t eat any more, unless they were the honey nut/apple cinnamon variety.

So, knowing this about me, you can imagine how excited I was to find a recipe called ‘Cheerios Energy Bars’. Woo hoo! A great snack recipe for one of my all time favorite cereals. So, I immediately went to the store to acquire all of the necessary ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. Wow. Just let me say, I love them! They have honey nut Cheerios (the original recipe called for banana nut, but I had honey nut and thought they would do just as well), dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds toasted, peanut butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and vanilla. I don’t think they’re very low-cal, since they include peanut butter and corn syrup, but they are a lovely little treat. They would be great as a breakfast on the go with a cup of coffee. Or just as a treat, like right now, as I”m writing this. I have a feeling you could use any flavor Cheerios you wanted to. And I also have a feeling you could cut down the amount of corn syrup and they’d still be just as good. The batch I made today turned out a bit loosey-goosey and don’t want to stick together like they should. That’s ok. I”m totally fine if my food isn’t pretty, but tastes good. I can forgive the appearance of just about anything if it tastes good. If it’s visually unappealing and it tastes bad, in my world that equals dog food!

I have another Cheerios recipe, it seems to me it was more of a kids treat bar kind of thing, I think I”ll dig around and find it to see if I can make it for an after school snack for my children. My son won’t eat dried cranberries, so, darn the luck, that means the bars will be all mine! 😀

I also found a new cookbook today. I was at our local Big Lots, I love that store. I find all kinds of neat snacks there. I don’t buy much else there, but when I can buy a snack for $1.50 and it’s currently at the grocery store for at least twice that, I’m in. I found Oreo Cakesters there last week for $2.00 and they’re currently nearly $4.00 at the grocery here. I was just wandering around, enjoying the peace of being momentarily childless and came across a rack of cook books. I’ve become a sucker for cookbooks of late. The one I picked up, a nice spiral bound, hard cover was only $5. It’s a Bisquick cookbook. I don’t know how you feel about biscuit mix, but I’ve always got some on hand and have found some really great recipes from it. So…I”ll keep you posted on the results of my testing it out!

2 responses to “Cheerios: Not just for breakfast!

  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    Oh! Oh! I love Cheerios also. I keep a box in my car so that when I am hungry and driving along I have something to munch on. I also love the Cheerios breakfast bars. Also, I have a sentimental attachment to them because I have been eating them for more than 50 years…
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. drmomx2 says:

    I love the new commercials showing the people trying to reduce their cholesterol by eating Cheerios and talking about what a sacrifice it is. They really crack me up! We love them too. I’ve got to find the other recipe and make them for my kids, they involve chocolate somehow, I can’t remember exactly. The batch I made yesterday, I made as a gift for my son’s teacher. We had a few left over and when my husband got home from work, he started chowing down! Then he asked, ‘Oh! Are these for the teacher?” It was so funny, he thought he was going to get into trouble! Yay for Cheerios! We haven’t tried the chocolate Cheerios yet, but they’re next on my list!

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