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Boldly Go Where You’ve Never Gone Before

on February 13, 2010

In the kitchen that is.  Last night I tried a new recipe. It’s become rather commonplace in my house to do that. I am on mailing lists of several websites and get new ideas several times a day and it’s really wonderful. I look through them and print the ones that I find interesting.  I have  a special folder in my email inbox for the emails. You never know when you might want a new recipe and I can go right there without trying to remember which website I want to go to.  I get a couple of cooking magazines and maybe every week or so, I get emails from them with bonus recipes that are not in the magazines.  My children are still young and can be picky, but I can look through and find things I think they’ll like. Sometimes I’m successful, like last night, other times, not so much. But hey, I tried.

Last night as I was cleaning up my mess, I said to my husband ,”Can you imagine what it would be like if I never tried any new recipes?” He looked at me and said,’Why?” Well, my thought was it’s never boring. I used to be the cook in a rut. It was the same thing every week. Monday night, chicken and rice. Tuesday night pork chops. Wednesday spaghetti. You get my meaning. I know there are lots of people out there like that. They get in that habit and can’t get out of it for fear of failure or fear that their families won’t like what they make. My husband’s late grandmother was that way. She had 9 children, so she had a lot to think about besides food. But that’s what my father-in-law has told us, every day they knew what was going to be on the table, unless it was someone’s birthday, then they got to choose what was for dinner. And being the trickster he was, he would choose liver and onions, not because he liked it so much, but because his siblings hated it! How great is that?

So, I challenge you, go to one of these websites and look at their recipes. Some you can search by meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Or you can search by item, chicken, beef, fish, etc. Just look at the things that are interesting or catch your eye. You can sign up for free emails on all of them and have recipes delivered to you. Why not? It’s free and you will surprise yourself, I promise!

Give it a shot, you never know what you’ll get! And remember, you are always welcome to use my new recipe disclaimer: It’s a new recipe, if it sucks it’s not my fault!

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