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You Know You’ve Had a Bad Day When….

on January 28, 2010

Preface:  All of these things have happened, not all to me, the names and dates have been omitted to protect the individuals involved!
When the teenage cashier at the grocery store looks at you and says, ‘You look like you’ve had a long day too.’ In other words, I look like crap!

When you open the fridge to get something and find your laundry detergent.

When you go to the library, the librarian asks your name, and you can’t remember!

When your precious son comes and tells you he made a poopy, but it’s not in the toilet, it’s actually in the window seat of his bedroom, or the back yard!

When you turn on your computer, and it does nothing.  After being examined by the computer geeks you’re told there’s nothing they can do and all of your info on your hard drive,( including 100’s of pictures) is  gone forever!

When you are using the self-checkout machine at the library and it keeps  telling you there’s a problem w/your account.  You think your fines must be more than you thought, but realize, they don’t take Blockbuster cards at the Library!

When you’ve been invited to go to a fundraiser and sit at a corporate table (read free food) but wake up puking sick in the night before and spend the day paralyzed on the couch.

When you plan a family vacation, doesn’t matter where to, it happens every time, and one of your children wakes up puking in the night either right before you leave, or while you are on your trip.

When  you set the alarm to get up and catch a flight for your romantic weekend away and accidentally hit the ‘time’ button and change the time on the clock.  The alarm goes off and looks like you’re late, in a panic you get loaded and out the door and see the time on the dash, you’re actually an hour EARLY!

When your mother ‘accidentally’ throws away the $90 bottle of your daughter’s eye drops.

When you’re 8 months pregnant and your husband ‘forgets’ your birthday!

When you arrange a romantic 10th anniversary getaway and totally screw up the return dates on the plane tickets, so when you get to the airport after your wonderful weekend, your ticketed flight was actually the day AFTER you arrived, three days earlier!

When you are forced to sacrifice your favorite bagels from your favorite bagel shop for traction under the spinning tires of a truck in a snowstorm!

When your mother forgets your birthday, and you’re AN ONLY CHILD!

When your oh-so-precious-love-of-your-life child smacks your thigh and says, ‘Mommy, your legs are jiggly!’  Thanks for that, honey.  Love you too!

If you see yourself in any of these moments, take heart and know you are not alone!

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