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One career change, coming right up!

on January 20, 2010

Ugh. This year has not started as well as I would have hoped. Why? Well, normally, my husband being in retail, it finally slows back down and we can get back into a normal routine. During the holidays, he works 6 day weeks and some really long hours. You know the retailers, they have to get every last customer in the door they possibly can, no matter what it might be doing to their employees. And my husband being the lucky one, gets to do a lot more than the others because he’s salaried and it won’t affect the payroll for him to work 80 hours a week. Needless to say, we don’t see much of him between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year, it started even earlier, Halloween, I think.

Anyway. I have been begging him for a few years now to find a job outside of retail. One with normal kind of hours, as in, closed nights and weekends. You see, his team of managers can’t seem to live without him, and he’s a very hands on manager-type, so even when he’s off, he’s still working. They call him on vacation, on days off, any time there’s a problem they think they can’t solve without him. Granted, I know there are some legitimate times they need to talk to him. But seriously, can’t the poor guy get a day off without being pestered to answer some inane question?

Finally, I think he has come to the same conclusion: he’s not 25 anymore and can’t continue doing this day in and day out. Oh, that, and well, his boss is evil incarnate and lives to torture her managers. Every single day it’s something else, some other stupid busiwork crap that she’s giving them that HAS to be done, TODAY. No matter that it’s his day off. She has to have it, yesterday. Not a positive thing gets past this woman’s lips. No praise, no compliments, it’s always hammering them down, wearing them down, beating them down. She runs her stores by fear and intimidation, which is not a good way to go.  In fact, she has inspired a character in the novel I”m working on.

When my husband took over this store, it was in really bad shape and we knew it would take some time to get it turned around. And he has turned it around, but it’s not consistent (it’s hard to be consistent with gaping holes in your staff, but they’re doing much better than they did before.) They had a corporate visitor a couple of months ago, and she essentially threw him under the bus.  This  visitor stood there ripping on everything, and rather than pointing out the positive changes that had been made since my husband took over, she kept her mouth shut and did not come to his defense. Guess what! That really pissed me off.

So, now I’m working on updating his resume and we are in search of a new career. Anyone know of a good recruiter in the Tulsa Metro? Or possibly Denver metro? We have decided that we may need to open our possibilities and scope to the opportunities that may lie elsewhere.

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