Confessions of an Unintentional Domestic Goddess

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What makes me a domestic goddess?

on January 15, 2010

You know, I guess I never really put it into words, how I managed to come up with this title for myself. Six years ago when my daughter was a baby and I decided I needed to be with them more than I needed to work, my journey began. The term that I’d heard bandied about at that time was ‘Domestic Diva.” However, that one just didn’t work for me and here’s why. The term “diva’ to me connotates bitchy, aloof and demanding, not necessarily something I would strive to be. Goddess, on the other hand, I picture a beautiful woman, who is graceful, elegant, and in control. I liked that much more.

Initially, I was really not much of a cook. Most of our meals consisted of something that came out of a box or jar and augmented with spices, vegetables or meat.

My house was a constant mess because I had a three-year old who was full of energy and an infant, which mean I had no energy.  Toys and books were strewn about the living room causing many an accidental injury from someone stepping on or tripping over them.

Laundry would be done once a week (probably should’ve been done more frequently) and it would take at least that long for me to get it folded and that much longer to get it put away.

These days, it’s a bit better. My house is fairly tidy, not perfect, we live here. Laundry is still done once a week, but I at least get it folded and put away mostly the same day. It’s not unusual for me to cook a meal completely from scratch. I also love trying new recipes. I have become much more daring and adventurous in the kitchen and have a standard disclaimer for the new recipes. I’ve used it many times, but only a couple was it really necessary. Are you ready? Ok, “It’s a new recipe. If it sucks, it’s not my fault.” Please, feel free to use it at any time. I also have what I call “Happy accidents’ in the kitchen. Here’s my problem. I read a recipe, write down and purchase the ingredients, and begin cooking, without re-reading the recipe, or not reading it carefully enough. I start cooking and then read the recipe, only to find out that I have taken it in a completely different direction. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s horrid, others, it’s absolutely wonderful. So, I say to you, if you start cooking and realize you’ve made a mistake somewhere, just press on and see how it turns out. If it comes out good, write down what you’ve done so you can recreate it in the future. If it’s awful, pitch it and start again. Don’t be afraid to take risks in the kitchen, unless you know it’s something you know you or your family will absolutely not like.

I also have found I love to have parties. Never would’ve thought that either. My parents never entertained guests. The house I grew up in was rather small, which doesn’t necessarily preclude parties, they just didn’t. I really enjoy getting our friends together for food and drink and the occasional game.  Although, even though it’s not true, we have been accused of reading the cards for Trivial Pursuit. We have to play other games now, no one wants to play with people who always win. Sorry, my brain just retains random, useless tidbits of information. I can’t explain it.

A domestic goddess to me, is a woman who is happiest when she’s at home with her family, doing things she loves, whether it’s cooking, hosting parties or playing with her children. Most women I know are part domestic goddess. They may love cooking and playing with their children, or some variation, but work outside the home. Being a full-time domestic goddess is not for everyone, and that is just fine. We are all different and have to find the right balance for ourselves and our families. June Cleaver I am not. My house is not perfect. Most days my hair and makeup are not perfect either. And I certainly don’t wear heels, a skirt and pearls to do my housework. But I love my family and will do everything I can to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. That makes me happy.

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