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In Praise of Robert Downey, Jr.

on January 12, 2010

I just did something I never do. Went to a movie, in the middle of the day, on a Tuesday. Why? My husband is off work, I said hey, why not? We don’t get to see ‘grown-up’ movies often, so let’s do it!

We saw “Sherlock Holmes”. It was really a pretty good movie. I loved Robert Downey, Jr. His accent was a little goofy in spots, but the chemistry between he and Jude Law was great. He played a fantastic neurotic Holmes to Jude Law’s very straight, stiff-upper lip Watson. They were a perfect team.

First let me just say that I don’t normally sing the praises of actors. Yes, they entertain us and some of them are exceptionally talented.  However, I think for the most part, they are a bunch of overpaid, self-centered, self-promoting, narcissistic people who are only in it for the fame and fortune. There is something seriously wrong with our society when the people who do the most for us, teachers, firefighters, police officers are for the most part underpaid and definitely underappreciated. while the people who do nothing more than entertain us in various ways, be it big screen, sports, or music make insane amounts of money; more than they can possibly spend in five lifetimes. There’s just something wrong with that, I don’t get it.

Robert Downey, Jr. is rather an unusual Hollywood success story. He was quite a star at an early age and was one that let it get the best of him and it nearly swallowed him whole. I have kind of vague memories of headlines including drugs from the 90’s. In 2000 he was sentenced to prison because he had violated his probation so many times, the judge basically told him, since you can’t do it for yourself, we’re going to do it for you.  Literally every time I heard his name, it was something different: in a drunken stupor wandered into a neighbor’s house, thought it was his and passed out; was stopped for DUI; possession of drugs; it just went on and on.  It appeared that he was on his way to a fate similar to many young stars in Hollywood, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Brittany Murphy (potentially). The tragic ending to a wonderful beginning.

And look at him now. I think he’s never looked better. He’s married and in great physical shape, very fit and healthy and he’s made some really great films. ‘Iron Man’ wasn’t one I thought I’d like. I don’t typically go for the comic-book films, but I liked it, for some reason. And now I’ve seen the trailer for “Iron Man 2” and I think I’ll have to see it as well, sans enfants, as it does look to be a bit on the violent side. “Tropic Thunder” was rude and crude, but at the same time hilarious. I don’t think it will ever make cable just because of all the F-bombs. If you haven’t seen it, he plays an Englishman, I think, who’s had his skin dyed and is playing a black man, and playing it for all it’s worth too. He’s a very talented actor and I’m glad he’s making headlines these days for his acting, and not because he’s been arrested for drugs again.

It makes me happy to see someone who has literally pulled himself back from the brink to rise to success again. Even though, from what I’ve read, he was continuing to get work even as he was in the throes of drug and alcohol abuse, the headlines that surrounded him were always the one related to his legal trouble. 

There was another actor whom I enjoyed watching at an early age, who really almost just vanished, he didn’t appear to have fallen into the trap of drugs and alcohol, but he was off the radar, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Patrick Dempsey. He has aged very well and looks better now than he did in “Can’t Buy Me Love.’ He was a scrawny kid with curly hair and a big nose. Not any more. He has fantastic hair and has really grown into his looks.

I like those kinds of stories that come out of Hollywood. It seems all too often we hear so much in the way of bad news. O.D., plane crash, car crash, murder, the things that should never happen to anyone, let alone someone we feel we know through their work.

So I say to Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. , well done.  We are happy you have come back from the land of the lost. We hope your success continues and you live a long and happy (and sober) life!

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