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A hair-on-fire weekend

on January 11, 2010

All I can say is thank you God we made it home and I didn’t have to kill anyone or get into trouble for tying my children to the roof of the car! Our niece got married over the weekend outside of Peoria, Illinois. I really wish she could’ve picked a warmer time of year to do it, but since she didn’t ask my opinion on the date, we just had to go with what she wanted.

We have been planning on making the trip for a few months now, with the provision that if there was bad weather, we’d cancel, no doubt. I’m not putting my family in danger for anything. So the forecast for the week initially was looking fine, cold, but clear. Well, you know how weather is, it can be a bit unpredictable at times. suddenly we had on the radar this freight train of frigid air coming our way. One weather man called it a “Siberian Express’ and that’s exactly what it was.  The coldest temps we’d seen in 16 years. Thankfully, we didn’t get any snow out of it, but guess who did! Yup, Peoria got about 8”. yay.

The closer it gets to be time, the worse the forecast looks. Temps close to zero with below-zero wind chills, snow, blowing snow, cold, cold, and FREAKING COLD!  By Wednesday, I’d decided we shouldn’t go. It was looking like a monster storm and after having driven through blinding snow storm once before, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing it again. Especially when it wasn’t an absolute necessity. It’s not like I’m out of wine and HAVE to get out!

We woke up to sunshine and no new snow on Thursday. I checked the road conditions and it appeared that it was going to be ok for us to go. The only real problem was the wind and potential for blowing snow. Ugh, that damned blowing snow again. I decided to suck it up, get over my fear and pack up the car for our abbreviated drive. We drove to St Louis, 6 hrs away and stayed w/friends we haven’t seen in years. That’s a story I need to write a post about, how to really make friends. Anyway, the roads were fine. A bit patchy, but not bad at all. Although I did have a moment of panic when we came around a curve and the visibility was really poor. Oh crap! I thought. What have we gotten ourselves into? thankfully, it was just blowing the stuff that was already on the ground.

Friday we got up and made our way to Peoria, three hours away. The farther north we went, the deeper the snow and drifts became. And the more blowing snow was on the ground. It was that fine,powdery, dry snow that just kept going right on across the highway, mostly. There were some ugly spots that made me bite my lip. Oh, and the cloudy, gray, bleak, snow-covered landscape that is just so dreary doesn’t help anything. I’m getting cold just thinking about what it looked like!

We made it fine. although, I have to admit, the texture of the snow was not what I was prepared for. It was dry and crunched under foot, not like what we get here, it’s always wet and slushy.  or layered with sleet. It  was something, that’s for sure.

The wedding was beautiful and it was so nice to see people we don’t get to see often. What I did learn from this, is something I already knew, but now there’s no doubt in my mind: I want to retire to a beach house! I am such a wimp for the cold weather. Last week all I could say to the good people of Siberia was “We’d appreciate it if you would keep your cold air to yourselves!”

Just to make sure you’re with me on all this, we drove 6 hours on Thursday, 3 hours on Friday, Saturday was the wedding, and then home for another 9 hours on Sunday. Yep, hair-on-fire. Oh, and we forgot the hang-up bag at the hotel. Brilliant. Thankfully, my husband’s sister lives near the hotel and picked it up for us and is shipping it to us. Deep breath. Glad it’s over!

***NOTE*** To all of my friends and family, just a little note for you to keep in mind when planning your next wedding: Do it in summer or on a beach if you wanna see my shining face! That is all.

Have a good night.

5 responses to “A hair-on-fire weekend

  1. valcitygal says:

    Oh boy, that sounds like a very stressful weekend… Driving in snow is never fun…I always find myself with a death grip on the steering wheel. I’m glad everyone is OK (physically at least)!

    • drmomx2 says:

      Thanks! It was insanely stressful. I was questioning my sanity as we were driving through that desolate winter landscape. The crazy thing was if it had been sunny, I would have felt much different. My husband was driving so I think I had the death grip on my hair!

  2. Your blogs are very pictorial, lol, I am also happy that everyone reached to the wedding safely and back home. No one want that on their conscious of misfortune. That could even end a wedding if one farther look into it. But no need to:)
    On the record, I hate snow to with a passion. Just hearing it under my foot annoy the dickens out of me. Watching fresh snow from the window is so beautifully coming down. Being in it is another story!

    • I’m like you, I hate snow, I’m really a cold weather weenie. Looking out on it is wonderful, with a nice fire and some hot tea and a good book and I’m a happy girl. but to drive in it, I’m a nervous wreck! But, don’t they have real winters in Germany?

  3. Yes they do and I am not a happy trooper when I have to leave the house then.

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