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Anxiously counting down

on December 21, 2009

You know, I really do love this time of year. The anticipation of seeing what Santa has brought, the look of excitement on my children’s faces, the beautiful decorations, the food, the feelings of love, giving and caring that seem to permeate everything. Have you noticed how festive everything is when decked out for Christmas? I realized it a few years ago as I was packing away my decorations. Afterward, my house just looked plain, boring, ho-hum. And I am not one that goes completely overboard with the decorations. We have neighbors who we love, they are great people, and every single room is decorated for Christmas. Me, not so much. That’s way too much work for me.

Which leads me to a question. Why is it, we only put lights on our houses at Christmas? why not Easter or Halloween or Memorial day? I don’t know the answer to that one. I have seen some people put lights on their bushes at Halloween, but no other time. Oh, I just remembered, I have seen light-up window decorations for Valentine’s day at the store, I suppose the light-up decoration people are trying to break into a different holiday.

One thing I definitely could do without this time of year is the rudeness some people tend to display. As if they are the only ones in a hurry to get somewhere. As if you don’t matter, get the hell out of their way. In stores and in parking lots, it’s almost like overnight, any kind of manners vanish into thin air.

For my husband’s sake, now I am anxiously counting down for this craziness to be over, soon. Thankfully, we’ve only got 4 more days. He’s a retail manager and this is his busy time of year. Example, last Friday, he said he was working a ‘mid’ shift. I assumed maybe a 10 to 8 or something like that. Nope. He left our house at 8AM and didn’t make it back home until 11:30PM. And then had to turn around and be back at work before 6AM. Yesterday and today, he woke up at a time we like to call the ‘butt crack of dawn’ 4AM to be at work before 5AM. Whoever decided the stores needed to be open so freaking early on a Sunday should be the person who has to actually be there! I promise you, the genius who thought up the whole extended holiday hour thing was some yahoo in an office, high above the fray who said, ‘Hey, you know what? I think those poor shlubs who actually run the store are getting off too easily and need to work their asses off even more! So here’s my proposal, let’s open earlier than anyone in their right mind would be here shopping and keep it open later than curfew, just to see if these guys will do it! Yeah, that’s a great plan!” That’s my idea of how this all came to be.

Thankfully, it’s coming to a close, none too  soon either. He’s wiped out. I have a feeling he’d like to get home in time to have a hot dinner with his family, play with his children or maybe even have a conversation with his wife every now and again.

That said, I do wish you all the merriest of Christmases, or whichever holiday you celebrate in your home, and a very Happy New Year!

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