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Don’t make me play the Bitch card!

on November 21, 2009

I AM a Domestic Goddess.  I can do almost everything I need to do at my home, but I do ask my wonderful husband to do some things.  I can’t have him think I can live without him!

However, on this one, he let me fly solo.  We are having two doors replaced, a storm door and an entry door, the back door to be specific.    I really love our house, the location, the floor plan, all of it.  It’s ten years old now and beginning to show it’s age in a few spots.  We recently had  the exterior repainted, installed a new dishwasher, water heater and now it’s time for the doors.  Our back door faces West and gets some sun in summer. The problem is the weather seals on it are shot and there’s a gap big enough at the bottom to allow webworms to come into my house.  ICK!  Besides, the people who lived here before had small dogs and there’s a dysfunctional doggie door at the bottom that’s covered w/plywood. Not an attractive look.

We went to our local Lowes and Home Depot to get an idea of what’s available for doors.  DH had to work so he sent me on my way to order the doors.  we’d discussed it and it seemed easy enough.    As I am ordering the doors, I see a charge on the printout for delivery, which is separate from the $250 I’m paying to have them installed.  What is this? He explained that this is the charge for the guy to pick them up at the store.  I wasn’t happy about it and the guy said he could take it off, but in the shuffle, forgot to. 

I went back yesterday to get it refunded and change the installation of the doors.  Initially he told me it would save me $30 to have them done at the same time, but in actuality, it was only $9.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to wait the extra week or two to get them done together.  Long story short, they were going to charge me this $25 two times.  I said, um, no.  He called a manager over and I explained that I didn’t appreciate it and wasn’t going to pay this charge when I’m already paying to have them installed.  He had the cojones to ask me if I could take the doors.  Um, NO. Not doing it. 

I really didn’t want to have to do it, but he was not being helpful.  I had to play the bitch card.  I looked at him and said, ‘Please don’t make me play the cranky customer card and cancel this order. Don’t make me do it.’  He actually stopped and THOUGHT about it!  Seriously. In this economy, in this climate, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to have to explain to his boss why he lost a big sale, b/c I’m telling you these damn doors are a lot more expensive than I thought they’d be.  I hate having to do that!

I’m telling you, I have learned my lesson.  After that experience, I will NEVER shop at Home Depot again, no matter how much I might save. Period.

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