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Stranger than fiction

on November 18, 2009

You know, art really does imitate life.  I found out today that a friend of my discovered it first hand recently, and not in a good way.  It was one of those really weird situations where you sit back and think, ‘No way.  This doesn’t happen to real people, this is only the stuff of the movies.’  Well guess where they came up with the ideas for these movies? Crazy people like the ones my friend has had to deal with. 

Honestly, if someone I had just randomly met at a bar, restaurant, party told me this had happened to them, I’d think they were really pulling my leg. It’s that bizarre.  It totally sounds like a movie I’ve seen before.  In fact, I may have to write a story around it.

I can’t really get into any details, but thankfully, it ends with the bad people going to jail, serious jail, state pen jail, and hopefully for a long time. I am just so shocked and gobsmacked by it I can’t begin to describe.  I’m just sincerely thankful that she is alright, traumatized, but alright. I don’t know how I’d handle it if I’d been in her shoes. I think she’s dealt with it alot more gracefully than I would have.  But then again, we never know how we’ll react to a situation until we’re there.

I’ll write more details at a later time when she gives the the go ahead.  There are charges still pending and others still awaiting trial. Yes, I said others.  One has plead guilty and there are others who have yet to see the judge.

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