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If looks could kill….

on November 8, 2009

So last night we went to a school foundation fundraiser dinner.  It was an adult-only affair, black and white and lots of fun. There was a silent auction that seemed to go on for days with baskets all contributed by the various schools and administrators, a live auction with things such as a 7 day vacation for 4 at Atlantis, and dinner that was not bad.

Our friends and neighbors who live two doors down were in charge of a corporate sponsored table, so we were invited to sit with them which equated to a free dinner and evening sans enfants.  We had been invited last year, but I managed to get the worst case of food poisoning in my life the night before and spent two days laid out on my couch.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but knew it would be a good time.  The doors opened at 6 and dinner was to be served at 7:30 with the live auction following.

My husband had to work all day, so I knew we wouldn’t be there at the crack of 6.  No big deal I thought, there’s an hour and a half between doors and dinner.

I was surprised to find out they closed two sections of the silent auction by the time we arrived just past 7 and the third closed within ten minutes of our arrival.  Oh well, saves me some money, right?

We buzzed through the remaining open silent auction sections then to our table for dinner. I was expecting rubber chicken, it’s normally what you get a at a hotel-catered event of this size, but we were pleasantly surprised to get prime rib in addition to our rubber chicken.  It was bland, but not bad once it had adequate salt and pepper.

Then the real excitement started.  They had a team of real-live auctioneers to do the live auction.  If you’ve never heard that, it’s really something.  Everything was just humming right along until they came to the puppies.  Yes, I said puppies.  OMG the cutest little balls of fluff.  There were two silky terrier pups that were only 10 wks old and just way too cute to be legal!  Our friends I referred to a moment ago already have three cats and two turtles.  The wife has no interest in a dog, and especially not a small dog.  She has said if they were to get a dog, she wanted a larger one, like a Lab.  Well, the husband just fell in love with these little puppies.  The first one went for $700.  Yes, I know, $700 for a puppy when there are loads of them in shelters, I’m with you on that one.  So bidding begins on the second, and I think the auctioneer realized he’d tapped out his audience on the first one dropped the bid to $300.  Then our friend took his life into his own hands, stuck up his hand and yelled “FOUR!”

I think if my friend’s head could’ve spun all the way around at any time in her life, it would have happened last night.  She gave him the evil eye and told him he’d better not get it.  Try though he did, the auctioneer didn’t get any other bids and our neighbors are now proud new owners of a $400 puppy.  At the moment when the auctioneer said “SOLD!” my friends eyes nearly popped right out of her head.  I have never in my life, in the whole 4-1/2 years we’ve known them, seen her that PISSED!  She refused to touch it, she told him they weren’t keeping it.  And all the while, he’s holding this puppy with a Cheshire-cat grin.

I haven’t seen them today, but I”m interested to see how he slept on the couch last night!  I always wonder what makes people do things like that when they know the consequences when they get home are going to be ugly.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t my husband buying something that I specifically asked him not to!  Maybe I should offer him the spare room!

One response to “If looks could kill….

  1. drmomx2 says:

    Update:::Well, the husband took it upon himself to sleep on the couch that evening, probably thought it was best. I saw them all yesterday and she was still apprehensive of the pup, but beginning to warm to him. How can you not? such an adorable little ball of fluff snuggling up next to you is one sure way to melt a heart!

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