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on November 2, 2009

SERIOUSLY?  I was shocked, floored, amazed and astounded when we turned on the radio in the car yesterday.  Completely gobsmacked.  It was November 1, and time for me to really start thinking about the seasonal things, decorations, Thanksgiving, you know what I mean.

But no, some other people around here wanted us to think about something else entirely!  CHRISTMAS!  Two of our radio stations here have gone to a 24/7 Christmas format and it was barely November!  If I’d had my radio on Saturday night, they probably had already started it then!  WTH???

I am so not ready for Christmas!  My husband works in retail and this is the time of year I become what I call a ‘retail widow’ because of all the extra hours he has to work.  He goes to a six-day week at Thanksgiving, but because of budget constraints and running a skeleton crew, he’s basically doing it now.  ARGH!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the Christmas music as much as anybody, but not until around, oh, say, Thanksgiving!  That’s when they used to switch to the holiday format.  I wonder how many listeners they lose by doing this.  You know, the Jewish people, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, etc.  Really.  If you were not of that religious persuasion and your fave radio station switched to an all-the-time, day-and-night format of music from a holiday that you didn’t celebrate, or necessarily understand, what would you do?  I know what I’d do, stop. 

Oh well, they dont’ ask me and I guess if the advertisers are paying them to do it, they’ll keep doing it, right?  As for me, I’ll wait til Thanksgiving to really start thinking about Christmas. And I’ll even wait until the turkey is cold!

5 responses to “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

  1. lol, loving the title. Your reaction is probably the same reaction I am getting from my neighbors, but I do understand why you are in no hurry for Christmas.

    • I know, it just seems like the years have been flying by lately. I cant’ believe that we are half way through September already! Some of our hobby and craft stores here have had Christmas decorations out since July! It’s funny, though, they put out the Christmas before they put out the fall and Halloween decorations.

  2. The years have been flying by. I was just mentioning that to my hubby a few weeks ago. About how time is just passing us. Can we actually remember some of the things we done this year. And ofcourse putting 2 old fart brain together we could remember very little, lol, seriously!
    Are you serious decoration in July already. So move over 4th of July, Memorial day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving….Christmas move ahead of the bus, lol, this is too funny. I thought I was bad to slowly prepare myself now but July come on. Too too funny.

    • Well, you know I never believed my mother when she told me how fast it goes. Then I had children and found out it really does. The first few years of our marriage, We just enjoyed being together, but it didn’t seem to go quite so quickly. After our first child was born, it was like we were in overdrive and the years have just really been going so fast!

      And yes, I can’t believe it either, putting out Christmas so early. I mean seriously, who is buying then anyway? No one I know! To me, it’s really hard to think of Christmas when it’s 100+ outside!

  3. I buy them if they were a decent price, lol. That what I did last week, lol. I found a mistletoe reef at the 1 euro and more store. Even had the nerved to ask them when do they plan to get some more Christmas decorations. They looked at me and laugh then said end of November we have fall decoration (just translation of what I understood, lol). Bahumbug why tease me with one decor well two. I am not interested in those little house you plug in and it light up to be display in the window or on top of a dresser. I do plan next week to go back and buy some Christmas socks, lol
    Please do not tell me when you have children the time fly even faster. I have no children as yet and want to enjoy them until they are teenagers perhaps, lol. IF they are anything like me and their father we are both going to have hell when puberty hit, lol

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