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Too good to be true?

on October 9, 2009

My hair is very straight.  It always has been.  When I was young, my mother insisted on subjecting me to those damned Toni perms.  I felt like a poodle when she was done.  I have a very vivid memory of looking in the mirror and crying after one particularly bad perm.  She’d used small rods, and somehow, sections of hair would break off at the root, so I would have little fuzzy patches on my scalp.  It really traumatized me.

As I grew, I swore off perms completely.  Not only do they stink, they never really do for my hair what I want them to do.  Since my hair is what I call “stick straight’, many times I attempted in high school to have the spiral perm that was so popular in the 80’s.  My friends all had it done and their hair looked great.  Not mine, within a month, my hair was right back to where it started from.

Flash forward to the past couple of years and people are using flat irons to get their hair straight.  Finally!  Vindication for those of us who suffer with less-than-cooperative stick straight hair.  I was so happy!  I was finally back in style! 

I try all of the styling tricks to add volume to my hair.  Not many work.  Gels, mousse, spritz, spray, round brush, drying upside down, at best they work minimally, and I’m left with stick straight hair that has a little bounce.

I was reading in a magazine a tip for wavy locks without any real work.  Count me in!  All I have to do is put my hair up in a scrunchie and sleep in it.  Yes, I said scrunchie!  I know!  They have been banished to the back of the bottom drawer and have not seen the light of day in years!  I never in my life thought I’d use one again.  Those and banana clips!

So, I get out my scrunchie, put my hair in a knot, basically put it up high on my head and tuck the ends of the pony back under the scrunchie.  Sounds reasonable enough.  In fact, it sounds remarkably how I used to sleep when I had long hair in the early 90’s, this should be a snap.  The benefit is I wake up and my hair isn’t all tangled up.

Last night I tried it.  Thinking I’ll try anything once, right?  Especially if no animals or children are harmed doing it!  I wake up this morning, all ready for my beautiful, wavy-do.  Not so fast, my hair said.  It’s not going to be that easy this time around.  One thing I neglected to mention is my hair has that pre-gray thing going on. I have lots of hair that is transitioning from the gorgeous lush, silky hair to the coarse, wiry hair of the graying crowd. 

I take down the scrunchie expecting the best, but, what I got was, um, well, not what I’d call the best.  The article recommended using the scrunchie instead of a regular pony holder b/c it won’t leave a mark in my hair.  I must have made it too tight because there was definitely a mark.  What my hair looked like was I slept in a pony tail.  No lush, wavy, bouncy hair for me. 

So, back to my normal stick-straight hair.  But hey, it may work for you.  I”m interested to have someone else try it, someone who’s hair may not be quite as straight and stubborn as mine, and without the coarse gray part.

Good luck!  I want to hear about the results!

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